Pyroar Male-X-and-Y

the Royal Pokemon

Type: Fire/Normal

Weakness: Water/Fighting

Ability: Rivalry

Height: 4`11

Weight: 179.7 lbs.

National Pokedex #: ???

Region: Kalos 



As you see Pyroar is lion. It`s mane is Red and Yellow. It has blue eyes. It has a black nose. It`s body is black with brown legs. It also has a brown tail. The male Pyroar with the largest mane becomes the leader of it`s pride. The female Pyroar of the pride`s job is to protect the group`s young. Pyroar usually roar very loudly. That is why when Pyroar uses Echoed Voice, it raises it`s power on each turn. Echoed Voice gets more powerful no matter a male or female Pyroar uses this move. Pyroar is the evolved form of Litleo. Pyroar`s Weakness is Water Type Pokemon because it is a Fire Type and Fighting Type Pokemon are super effective because it is also a Normal Type.

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